SIBA Helps Seattle Drayage Trucks Go Green!

SIBA is proud to have partnered with the City of Seattle on their Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification Incentive Pilot Project. This initiative aimed to reduce air pollution in the Duwamish Valley by encouraging the adoption of electric drayage trucks.

What are Drayage Trucks?
Drayage trucks are the workhorses of our local economy. They transport goods short distances, often between ports, rail yards, and warehouses. Unfortunately, these diesel-powered trucks contribute significantly to air pollution, impacting nearby communities.

The Project's Impact
The City of Seattle offered rebates of up to $180,000 per truck for the purchase of new battery electric Class 8 tractor trailers. SIBA played a key role in the project's success by:

  • Spreading the Word: We held informational meetings and webinars to educate drayage fleet owners about the program and its benefits.
  • Offering Support: We assisted drivers in completing the application forms, ensuring accuracy and completeness. This included providing translation services for non-native speakers.
  • Building a Network: We facilitated connections between drivers, allowing them to share experiences and support each other.
Challenges and Lessons Learned

While the project was successful, there were also challenges. Some drivers found the application process complex, and language barriers posed difficulties for non-native speakers. SIBA's feedback includes:
• Simplifying Applications: Reducing the length and complexity of application forms will make it easier for drivers to participate.
• Enhanced Training: Providing more training for both SIBA staff and drivers will ensure smoother assistance during future projects.
• Flexible Support: Offering a variety of support options, including online meetings and one-on-one consultations, will cater to drivers' busy schedules.

Looking Ahead
The City of Seattle's pilot project demonstrates the growing interest in sustainable transportation solutions. SIBA is committed to supporting this transition and will continue to advocate for programs that benefit both the environment and the local economy.

Want to Learn More?
Visit the City of Seattle's website for more information on their sustainability initiatives. Link
Together, we can create a cleaner and healthier future for our communities!


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